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Malta, officially known as the Republic of Malta and formerly, is a Southern European island country consisting of islands in the Mediterranean Sea. It’s is formerly known as Melita, and it happens to be the world’s tenth smallest country in the area. Maltese is the official and national language in Malta, with English being the second official language.

The gorgeous country of Malta is a destination for tourists as it has a lot of beautiful scenery and breathtaking sights. From its warm climate to many recreational areas to creative architectural designs and the likes. Fortunately, this small country hosts three UNESCO world heritage sites: Hal Saflieni Hypogeum, Valleta, and seven megalithic temples.

The Maltese love religious celebrations, and in light of this, they host 75 local village feasts between June and September. If you are a lover of festivals, fun, traditions, and celebration, then you should plan to visit Malta in between the months. The Maltese are also known to be very friendly, helpful, and accommodating.


An escort is an individual that is paid for their time, unlike a prostitute that is paid for sexual gratification. An escort is not paid to have sex but is paid for their time, and the amazing other offers that they offer. Now, what they do within their time is their business, which could, in fact, be sex.

If you would be coming to Malta for the first time, it is very much advisable to hire the service of an escort as they would guide you through. Being in a new place or environment for the first time can be quite tiring if there is no one to keep you company and show you the beautiful sceneries.

There are two categories of escorts; the individual escort and the agency escort. The individual escorts are people or a person that is solely responsible for the running of the business. He/she is the one in charge of advertising, marketing, satisfying clients, taking records, and also business evaluation.

On the other hand, the agency escort works for the cover of a particular agency or firm, or organization. The agency is in charge of the training welfare, health, and wellness of the escort. This category of escorts is much safer as there is an agency to report back to when anything goes wrong.

Before you opt for an individual escort, do well to make adequate findings and research so as not to get involved in any life-threatening situation or fraudulent activity. The main advantage of the individual escort is that they don’t have to pay any government taxes or dues as most of them are not even registered.

There are also four types of escorts; male escorts, female escorts, gay escorts, and lesbian escorts. All of these escorts have their strengths but would still function in any place they are assigned to.

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Functions of escorts 

  1. Companionship

Everyone loves a bit of spice and fun to their life, and this is what Malta escorts will bring to you. Malta escorts are great companions as they know how to hold intelligent and knowledgeable conversations that will make you hire them over and over again. As it is very easy to get bored or tired, especially if it is your first time visiting Malta, hiring an escort from a reputable agency in Malta will do you a lot of good.

  1. Tour guide. 

There are several beautiful cities and towns to see in Malta, and you can get carried away with the lesser ones without even realizing if you don’t have a guide. Instead of hiring a tour guide that will only strictly guide you through the country, hiring an escort that doubles as an escort will do more good. In this case, you can have a tour guide and a companion, at even a lesser rate.

Malta has quite a number of historical buildings, and an escort will go the extra length to give you the historical backgrounds and story behind them. Places like the Ta’Qali crafts village is a place you should definitely see on your visit to Malta. It hosts a number of workshops where you would see local artisans doing what they are passionate about and also buy at affordable prices.

Traditional Maltese crafts are definitely worth your time, and you should explore them as soon as you visit Malta.

  1. Safety 

Escorts have been trained on the safety practices of Malta, the things you must adhere to, and tour regulations to ensure compliance. Hiring a Malta escort would help you avoid any form of unnecessary drama.

  1. Researchers. 

Having full details about the place you are visiting or staying is as important as visiting the place; hiring an escort will take this burden off your head. Malta escorts would do research on environmental conditions, the skill of the client, and their ability so as to plan what’s appropriate for them. They would also help you out with travel routes and places to be visited based on their vast knowledge of the areas.

These professionally trained escorts would also provide you with information about the wildlife, recreational areas, varieties, and every relevant information that will be needed to make your trip a memorable one.

  1. Learn skills. 

Skills like climbing, fishing, hunting, and the likes are not activities that everyone can do. Hiring a Malta escort, you can be assured to go back home with one or two skills as these ones are highly skilled themselves.

  1. Business assistant. 

A lot of people also come down to Malta for business and if you are one of them, hiring an escort is also important. Especially if you need a company to a business meeting or proposal, you’ll be shocked to find out how Malta escorts are very composed, discreet, and professional. They could also help you with intelligent insights and take a lot of work burdens off your list whilst still taking you through the beautiful scenery of the country.

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