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The ancient city of Moldavia is the former region in Eastern and Central Europe. It is now a part of Romania, the Republic of Moldova, and parts of Ukraine. Having a cluster of historical cities, Moldavia is a go-to site for archeologists and history enthusiasts.

As a historical region, Moldovia has lots of exciting places that have both ancient and modern artifacts. Being a former stronghold in the former European state, it houses the heritage of eastern and central Europe.

In this vein, it is totally understandable to have some really overwhelming moments while visiting the ancient city. To totally prevent this from happening, it is advisable to hire an escort.

There has been a myth about escorts that have plagued the escorting industry. This misunderstanding is sometimes responsible for why many people have issues with hiring escorts. Some perceive escorts to be call girls and prostitutes, which is not true.

There is a definite difference between escorts and prostitutes. But before that, who exactly are escorts?


Escorts are professionals who provide escort services to clients. These services range from companionship to tour guides. It also includes safety and business partners. They are specially trained to provide the best of comfort and satisfaction to their clients.

There are basically two categories of escorts. We have agency escorts and independent escorts. These two have their unique characteristics and can be maximized to suit your comfort and taste.

Agency escorts are professional escorts that serve under the jurisdiction of an organization or agency. They are accountable to the agency and, as such, are not able to make individual decisions. Their activities are based on contracts with the agency, which also includes their terms of service, mode of payment, and health benefits.

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As agencies and organizations are responsible for the welfare of their escorts, they provide incentives to further encourage them and increase their work efficiency. They also schedule regular training for their escorts, further enabling them to compete with global leaders and top organizations.

Independent escorts are those escorts who prefer to work alone. They are skilled professionals who have gained experience from working with the organization but have decided to go “solo.” The massive advantage here is the fact that they are not accountable to any agency or organization. Hence, they are in charge of their finances, welfare, and further training.

One of the setbacks independent escorts face is the fact that, unlike agency escorts, they have to market themselves on their own. This has made independent escorts adapt and master the art of salesmanship and marketing. With the technological advancement in today’s world, they have stepped up to taking advantage of the digital space for advertisement.

Escorts are trained personnel who are dedicated to client’s satisfaction and comfort.


Hookers are widely different from escorts. They are individuals who specialize in granting sexual pleasure to their clients. They do not go through any training whatsoever, which simply implies that they are not professionals. They have only one objective, and that is sexual gratification in exchange for money.

Individuals can, however, hire prostitutes as they so desire when they come to visit the region of Moldavia. It is worthy of note that hookers will not provide any additional service apart from sex. If you need more than sexual pleasure, you should consider employing the services of an escort.

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Benefits of hiring an Escort in Moldavia

No businessman invests in a vesture without considering the cost and what they stand to gain. Here are benefits you can derive from hiring an escort in the region of Moldavia:

Tour guides

Moldavia is an ancient and historical city dating back to the 14th century. This implies that there are lots of European heritage in the ancient city.

This city has, however, been renamed and split into Ukraine, the Republic of Moldova, and some parts of Romania. To fully appreciate the heritage of this historical city, you will need a tour guide to give you intricate details into the history of central Europe.

You will agree to the fact that it is better to save cost when you have a huge ground to cover in your research. To help you save cost, it is advisable you hire an escort. An escort can double as a tour guide and as a companion on your historical research. This way, you do not have to keep paying for tour guides at every site you get to.

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This is one of the primary services of escorts. They provide company to visitors who come around and employ their services. There is a big possibility you will fit into the city of Moldavia. For example, there might be language barriers and even reservations about the way they go about their daily activities.

Escorts are your best bet to navigating easily in the ancient city of Moldavia. They are highly skilled at maintaining conversations and will do well to bring you up to speed with the city and its complexes.

They always have your best interest at night. This is shown in their dedication to making you settle in comfortably to the way of life of the Moldavian people. They can also help you breach the gap the language barrier brings to the picture.

It is, however, worthy of note that escorts are not robots. Hence they will only work with whatever you permit. While hiring an escort, it’s advisable you are as detailed as possible, so they have a “heads up” on how best to present their services.

Other services escorts can render to you are acting as business partners, and in rare cases, they can give sexual pleasure.

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