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If you are coming to Cyprus for any event, one person you need by your side is a Cyprus escort. To some people, the concept of having an escort by their side is strange because of the conventional notion they have about escorts.

Conventionally, people mistake prostitutes for escorts because they don’t know what differentiates one from the other.

It is crucial to know that a big difference exists between an escort and a prostitute.

Independent Cyrpus escorts

Definition of an Escort

An escort is a professional who provides a wide range of services to clients that hire them. An escort can act as a companion if you are coming to Cyprus for a function like a party, vacation, business meeting and the likes.

For someone who is coming to Cyprus for the first time, there is a tendency for you to feel bored because that is not where you reside. However, a Cyprus escort prevents you from feeling that way.

Cyprus escorts are most times clairvoyant; they understand that you might find it challenging to settle down. Hence, they try all within their power to provide the best services possible by keeping your company amidst performing other functions.

When a client hires a Cyprus or Limmasol escort, it is expected that the escort will remain with the client from the beginning of hire to the end of their stay.

In Cyprus, escorts can either be under the aegis of an agency, or they could be independent.

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Definition of a Prostitute

On the other hand, a prostitute is much different from an escort. Prostitutes in Cyprus are primarily saddled with the function of providing sexual satisfaction to a client. Prostitutes are not necessarily hired because clients might want to enjoy a variety of them.

Primarily, a prostitute offers sex service with no string attached, and when she is done, the client pays her for the service provided. A prostitute’s work is usually a one-off event except if the client decides to hire her again and pay for her services.

Asides providing sexual satisfaction, the prostitute is not mandated to perform other essential escort services due to the nature of her job.

Summarily, the prostitute provides sex for payment while the escort provides time amidst other functions in return for payment.

Functions of Escorts in Cyprus

  1. Companionship

    : For someone who does not visit Cyprus regularly, it is normal for you to feel out-of-place or not feel at home. One of the primary reasons for this is, there is no one around to keep you company. And if ample care is not taken, you may not enjoy your stay in Cyprus.

Also, if you are coming over for business purposes, there are times when you would need to relax and take a break. If you don’t have anybody with you to make this a smooth process, you will not end up enjoying yourself as you should.

When you hire a Cyprus escort, the possibilities as mentioned above, will not materialize. The reason for this is, the primary responsibility of a Cyprus escort is to provide you with companionship. Cyprus escorts understand that you are not used to the country, so they fill you in on vital things you should be aware of.

A good number of Cyprus escorts are very knowledgeable, so they will create engaging discussions and activities that would take your mind off any form of boredom. Cyprus escorts strive to provide you with memorable events so that when you leave Cyprus, you will look forward to returning anytime you have the chance.

  1. Tour guide

    : If you visit a country that you are not used to, there is a tendency for you to want to tour some parts of the country. For a place like Cyprus, people who visit love to check out areas of interest that they have only seen on the media.

If you crave an interesting tour experience, you need the services of an escort who can double as a tour guide. Cyprus escorts are properly-read and well-travelled, and this means that they know the best places that you would love to visit.

Hence, all you need do is, tell them your specifications, and they will sort out the place for you. For instance, if you want to taste the best beer in Cyprus, a good Cyprus escort knows the exact location for you to visit. And definitely, you will not be disappointed.

  1. Business partners: Some people are not aware that they can hire escorts to serve as their temporary business associate if they have a business function. If you are coming to Cyprus for business purposes and you crave your privacy, you can hire an escort as your business partner.

In most cases, what some clients do is, they hire escorts as their personal assistant. So, what the escort cum personal assistant would do is to take down notes during the meeting. The escort does not necessarily need to contribute. And the exciting part is, these escorts know how to comport themselves, that no one would know that they were hired.

All the functions mentioned above are typical of Cyprus escort, but also acure in Latvia, Italy or Ireland and it would interest you to know they perform a host of other functions which makes them mostly different from prostitutes and other gigolos. Yes, escorts provide their clients with sexual pleasure if it is in the ‘Terms of contract’.

This means that amidst other duties that the escort would provide the client, sex can be included if it was initially agreed upon, or just casually agreed during the line of duty.

When you hire a reliable Cyprus escort, you are assured of top-notch service delivery because they know their onions. And they are always willing to serve you and leave you with memories you would not forget in a hurry.