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One of the few places or cities on Earth where you can be guaranteed of having a swell time is Berlin. There is a lot that Berlin has to offer its citizens and visitors, and it is one place you will not like to miss out on. And if you want to get the best out of Berlin, you need a Berlin escort by your side.

It is very easy for you to get lost in the glitz and glamour that Berlin has to offer if you have no one to guide you. This is one reason why people end up having nothing to gain from a place when they visit. When you have proper guidance, it would be seamless to harness the benefits of a place.

Hence, it is correct to say that hiring a Berlin escort is one of the best gifts to ever happen to Berlin’s tourists and visitors. When you have an escort by your side, it is straightforward to get up to speed very fast. It would interest you to know that you can gain a lot within a few minutes of speaking with a knowledgeable escort.

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Difference between an Escort and a Hooker

It is imperative to mention that an escort and hooker should not be mistaken for one another because they are not the same. A hooker is an individual who offers sexual gratification in return for money or kind, and it remains within the confines of both options. Also, a hooker is not responsible for providing the client with escorting services because they are not trained.

When a hooker is done with their service provision, they have every right to leave because they have received their reward.

On the other hand, an escort provides a broad range of services, in which sex can be included. If a client has sex with an escort, it does not prevent the escort from performing their primary duty. Because sex is a sensitive inclusion in any contract’s agreement, it is advised that the client and the escort agree to it because the contract kicks off.

It is not advisable for clients to force themselves on escorts if they disagreed on it in the first place. In a few cases, if the escort is persuaded to agree to it when the contract is in motion, there is nothing wrong with it.

Categories of Berlin Escorts

In Berlin, there are four broad categories of escorts. However, other types of escorts fall under these categories.

  1. Male Escorts

Male escorts are men who are hired for escorting services. And anyone can hire a male escort.

  1. Gay Male Escorts

These are gay men who perform escorting services. They are highly sought after by gay men who need their services. Although other genders can still hire them and they would provide an excellent service.

  1. Female Escorts

Just like male escorts, anyone can hire a female escort.

  1. Lesbian escorts

These are female escorts that are highly sought after by lesbians. However, they can be hired by other genders for escorting services.

If you want a milf for an escort or a call girl amidst other categories, you can still get them from a reputable escort agency. All you need do is search for the agency that can link you up with them, and you are great to go.

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Responsibilities of Berlin Escorts

It would interest you to realize that there are escorts ready to serve you optimally because of the high competition in Berlin.


Everyone loves good company, which mainly comes in handy if you are someplace you are not used to. Thankfully, a reputable Berlin Escort knows everywhere in Berlin. Hence, you can be certain of getting nothing short of the best if you have such escorts by your side.

It would be nearly impracticable for you to get bored with a suitable escort because they know how to keep you engaged. A good escort will take enough time to find out what keeps you engaged and curate a list of activities in that line.

Also, if you have a function to attend, you can trust the escort to be a worthy companion.

Tour guide

Asides from the Companionship role, a Tour guide’s role is one of the typical functions of a Berlin Escort. If you come to Berlin primarily to check out what the city has to offer, you need a tour guide. With an escort, you don’t need to pay double to hire a tour guide because they can conveniently play that role.

Hence, it is sure that you can cover several places within a short while because the escort/tour guide knows how to link up the towns and roads. Interestingly, it is better to have an escort/tour guide by your side than a Google map.

Sexual gratification

Some clients want their escorts to provide them with sexual pleasure, and this is fine. However, it is best for the escorts and the clients to agree on this before entering the contract. There have been cases of clients forcing escorts to act outside the terms of the agreement, which has led to the contract’s abrupt termination.

Hence, it is advisable for the client and escort to discuss if they will have sex or not all through the contract period.

Business partner

If you have no one to tag along with you to a business function, an escort might be your best shot. A good number of them know how to comport themselves during official functions, and you will be happy to have these escorts by your side.

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