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Looking for the best breed of escorts in the world, you need to check The Hague. If you have any reason to come to The Hague to stay for a short while, you are in luck! To enjoy your stay in The Hague, you need to have an escort by your side.

In The Hague or Den Haag, there are two broad escorts’ categories, the Agency, and Independent escorts.

Agency Escorts

Agency escorts are simply escorts who work under an organization that specializes in providing escorts services for clients. The agency escorts arrange a meeting between the escort and the client, and the purpose of the meeting is usually to discuss and finalize the contract terms.

This meeting can take two forms; it could either be virtually or in reality, depending on what both parties agree on. It is essential to know that escort agencies have various guidelines for their escorts, which a typical organization would do.

When an escort works with an organization, they either get paid on a commission or salary basis. Hence, an escort is not entitled to the full payment that the client makes. The escort agency needs money to keep running and catering for all escorts. Moreso, it is the agency’s responsibility to ensure her members of staff are healthy and get the best.

Before an escort agency in The Hague or Den haag hires an escort, they thoroughly evaluate and assess the prospective escort. The reason is to ascertain that an escort they hire would be quintessential to the organization and not bring down their reputation.

Also, the escort agency is responsible for ensuring that all her escorts are safe and any client they deal with is reliable and trusted. The agency goes to lengths to conduct a background check on the client to ensure they are not a scam or dangerous individuals.

If you need an escort from an agency in The Hague, you need to ensure that both the agency and the escort are of good conduct. You will not want to hire anyone who is a potential danger to your resources and wellbeing. There are various ways to verify an escort agency, and you have to learn to do this.

You can start by checking up review sites that rank escort agencies based on the quality of services they deliver. With the information gathered from these sites, you can confirm for yourself if the agency is legit or not.

When it comes to pricing for an escort, it differs across the agencies. You can reach out to the agency and request an invoice to be sent to you. Hence, you can compare the various agencies’ pricing and see what works for you.

There are a number of The Hague Escorts who would offer you premium escorts services for a paltry fee. You have to be careful to look out for these, so you don’t miss them.

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Independent Escorts

Asides from The Hague Agency escorts, the second category is Independent escorts. Independent escorts are those who are not under an agency. Hence, these escorts do not answer to anybody but to themselves. The competition for escorts is quite stiff in The Hague, and this is why you would barely see any bad independent escorts.

There are lots of good independent escorts to select from in The Hague. All you need do is keep your eyes peeled and search in the right places. One of the challenges clients have is getting trusted independent escorts, and this is because they are not accountable to anyone.

Hence, what makes an independent escort thrive is the quality of service they provide. When clients are comfortable and satisfied with their services, they will put in a good word for the independent escort.

There are some qualities that make an independent escort stand out. One of which is how they brand themselves. A reputable The Hague Escort would go to great lengths to ensure they are well branded. They would have a working website and social media platforms where you can reach out to them.

Some of them also run promoted advertisements on these platforms to boost their visibility; this goes a long way in making them known to various clients.

Majorly, one reason why independent escorts decide to operate on their own is that they don’t want to answer to anybody. More so, they are aware that if they do, the money they make won’t be entirely theirs. Hence, they will take it upon themselves to act as both the agency and escort.

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Factors to consider before hiring an escort


You need to be sure if the escort is credible or not. If you are either hiring an independent escort or from an agency, you have to fully vouch for their credibility before going ahead. If you are do not exercise care and patience, you could end up falling into the hands of fake individuals who might end up scamming or harming you.

Legal age

If you are hiring an escort, you need to ensure they are of the qualified age in The Hague, which is 18 years. This is mainly for those who will be hiring independent escorts. It is a crime in The Hague to hire an escort who is underage because it is counted as an offense that is also the case in other cities in Holland like Amsterdam and Rotterdam.

Most escort agencies are aware of this, and they would only hire escorts to their agency, who are 18 years and above.

If you are coming to The Hague for the first time, and you want to have a good grasp of the place, you need an escort to make it happen. It is advised that you do proper research before using either an escort agency or an independent escort.